Adderall for Sale

Adderall for sale.

Adderall is one of the most popular drugs used in the treatment of narcolepsy (daytime sleepiness) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which is gradually becoming common among many people.

The prescription drug is a central nervous system stimulant that helps in the improvement of focus, impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and concentration. Adderall is a brand name for amphetamine and dextroamphetamine combination.

Available in the market in oral tablets as well as extended-release oral capsule forms, it is a proven drug that improves ADHD symptoms in 70 percent of adults and up to 80 percent in children. The effect is further enhanced if taken with behavioral therapy.

The Adderall drug is perfect for those who are unable to think straight after being bombarded with stray thoughts. It is the best drug for people who are lacking focus and concentration on work. It is taken by people who continue thinking of tangents even though when holding down a coherent conversation.

The generic form of Adderall is amphetamine/dextroamphetamine salts.

How Adderall Works in Body

The prescription medication releases dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters in the body and it is believed the two are involved with the ADHD.

The two neurotransmitters hang out for longer than the usual time between the neurons. In layman language, both the norepinephrine as well as the dopamine helps the brain to focus more and remain alert.

How Adderall is Used

Adderall is used in varying doses as prescribed. It can range from taking 5 mg to 30 mg, depending on the severity of symptoms and the size of the patient. Initially, a low dose is prescribed and gradually it is increased.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the extended-release capsule is usually prescribed to take once daily and the tablet as two or three times daily.

Who Should Avoid taking Adderall?

The drug cannot be prescribed to everyone as it has some side effects. Patients who have a history of agitation, severe anxiety and glaucoma should not use Adderall.

It is strictly barred from using for people who have serious heart problems or congenital heart defects as this could lead to sudden death.

Adderall is also avoided for patients who have a mental illness, high blood pressure, seizure disorders, or peripheral vascular disease.

The drug is not safe for the age group above 65 and so it cannot be prescribed to them.

Adderall is deadly if taken with few other medications like the monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), which is a kind of antidepressant. At least a gap of two weeks needs to be maintained before using it. Adderall for sale

Side Effects of Adderall

The common side effects of Adderall are amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. These include:

Weight loss

Appetite loss






Stomach pain



Some may experience serious side effects that include:

Shortness of breath

Fast heartbeat

Chest pain



Hostile behavior

Difficulty swallowing

Adderall for Children

Adderall can be used in treating children aged 3 and more for hyperactive-impulsive, inattentive or ADHD symptoms, but only after diagnosing through a series of tests.

For children with narcolepsy the minimum age to take Adderall is 12.

The drug may cause weight gain or slow down growth among children.

Adderall and Addiction

Adderall has the risk of abuse or addiction and so it is placed in the Schedule II controlled substance. This is the reason its usage is monitored closely. It should not be taken too often or in a larger dose than what is prescribed. More to this, stopping the drug abruptly during treatment may cause sleep problems, depression, and fatigue.

In recent years the drug has been witnessed being used at party events among young adults as it is cheap and can be made available easily.


Adderall is one of the best medications to treat ADHD but it is strictly recommended to follow the prescription of doctors while taking it. Buy Adderall Online

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